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A library of over 300 LitRPG & Gamelit books, plus an in-app RPG system where users can complete quests, earn achievements, level up, and win prizes. Join today!


With over 300 titles, Our Community managed library is growing quickly. Keep track of what you're reading. Save your favorite books for later. Build your own personal library & show it off to the world.


Connect with over 1,000 active users. Share your favorite books, write reviews, and participate in community events. Together we can make the LitRPG & Progression fantasy community great.


What's a little competition between friends? Fun, that's what it is. Earn titles, win rewards, and chase titles. Show  your knowledge, dedication, and passion for the genre. Get your name on the Leaderboard. 

Earn Loot

Do you like free books? What about maps, artwork, and short stories? Maybe badges, titles, and exclusive avatars are your thing. We have what you need. Read, Participate, Compete, Earn.

Books by our Sponsors & Contributors

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Altered Realms


Defying Divinity

Jamey Sultan


Damien Hanson & Nolan Locke

Do you like what we are doing? If so, please consider becoming a supporter on Patreon. Every supporter is an integral part of our community. Our Patrons help to keep this project up and running. They also help fight against IP theft and internet piracy.

Not only is LitRPG Legends an awesome library for all of your favorite LitRPG, Gamelit, and Progression fantasy books, its also a tool to help stop piracy on Amazon, Kindle Unlimited, and at other ebook retailers. Through donations from our patrons, subscribers to the app, and money brought in through affiliate marketing we can put an end to wide spread theft, and lost income for authors.

For now, we are working on features that would allow and incentivize users to report pirated books (in exchange for exp and loot of course). However, to put this into action we would need to hire a virtual assistant who could sort, verify, and report pirated books on a weekly basis. They would also help us find and contact the original rightsholder whenever possible, as well as help them take down pirated copies of their work. Imagine how much we could accomplish with a group of people working to actively look for and combat piracy.

Oh, I almost forgot about the free books...
Do You Like Free Books?  Want early access to chapters from B.F.Rockrivers latest novels? What about exclusive content?

Then join us the in our fight against plagiarism and get a bunch of sweet loot.
Become a supporter and sign up to our newsletter and today.

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