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What is the LitRPG Guild?


The LitRPG Guild started as the LitRPG Guildmasters, a group of likeminded authors with similar goals. To them writing good stories shouldn't be a competition between authors and different groups. Their idea was to create a place for all authors, fans, and members of the community to share in their love of the genres that got them started or became their new home. With the thought that everyone should work together to create amazing content for readers and expand the genres, they got to work.

The LitRPG Guild is Born!


Their first step was creating a shared Facebook author page to promote their work, showcase new releases, give updates, and bring in new readers. Realizing that was not enough, they began to think of ways to bring more excitement into the community. We all love to read, most of us play games, and a lot of us have played dungeons and dragons. So we took ideas from our shared interest and combined them into one community, the LitRPG Adventurers guild. Our plan was to make reading more than just a hobby. We wanted to bring aspects from our favorite games into our shared activity, make it fun. We accomplished this by creating a system of character sheets, quests, rewards, and a community driven library. It started with a Facebook group, but quickly grew into more and more projects as we realized that it could be so much more.

Now you have what you see here, a website, a community forum, and soon we will have a native mobile app for Android and Apple. While you read and participate in group activities you earn experience, level up, and get rewards. It's super meta. You're playing a game while reading books about people in a game... MIND BLOWN!

We at the LitRPG Guildmasters hope to keep you entertained with amazing stories, activities, and community events for years to come. If you have any suggestions, issues, or questions let us know.

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