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LitRPG Communities


Our mission at LitRPG Legends is to support the communities, partners, and authors that support us. LitRPG Legends relies on these communities to help expand the genre, bring in new readers, and showcase amazing books. Without them we would not exist. So please visit these Facebook groups, Sub-Reddits, and Communities. Join the Party and share your love of books.

LitRPG GuildAn amazing private group, built by the LitRPG Guildmasters. It's private, because it's amazing. It is one of the fastest growing LitRPG Groups on facebook and the home of LitRPG Legends. If you're looking for us, or B.F.Rockriver, this is where you should look.

LitRPG ForumA public group by Paul Bellow. This is our second home. Paul Bellow is one of our major partners. This would not be possible without his help and influence.

LitRPGThe oldest and the largest group on FB. Created by Aleron Kong. It has amazing content and insight into all things LitRPG.


LitRPG booksA Facebook Group by Simon Vale and other authors. One of the most open and welcoming groups around. Other than the Adventurers Guild Group it is where you will find a lot of us kicking around.

LitRPG Subreddit - The largest LitRPG community. One of the most honest and upstanding groups we can find. They have helped a lot of the Guildmasters find success.

Progression Fantasy Subreddit - The largest Progression Fantasy community. An amazing group of fans, authors, and every day people. It's an awesome community of likeminded people.

If you have any other communities you would like to reccomend please email us at For more amaing LitRPG, Gamelit, and Progression fantasy check out our Discord Channel and LitRPG Forum.

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