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LitRPG Legends and B.F.Rockriver Street Team

Street team members are community leaders who help moderate the different platforms and spread awareness of LitRPG Legends and B.F.Rockriver's books. In return for the time and effort involved with helping us manage the communities, B.F.Rockriver offers Advanced-Review-Copies, ARC's, of all of his books as well as codes for free audio-books. Other rewards, such as free signed copies, are offered to the especially dedicated fans during special events.

What does the street team do?

Read Books:

Read as many of B.F.Rockriver's books as you can and offer feedback whenever possible. He is always looking to improve the quality of his writing. 

Spread the Word:

Post about your favorite B.F.Rockriver books on social media, interact with his post online, and share your love of those books with everyone you can.

Community Moderation:

Join the various LitRPG Legends &B.F.Rockriver  platforms and help keep the conversation flowing in a positive and exciting manner while removing unhelpful comments. 

Rare Quest: Join the LitRPG Adventurers Guild Street Team

Reward: 200 XP and more!

You also get a special tag and permissions on the App, Facebook group, and
Discord. If you love interacting with LitRPG & Gamelit authors, community engagement, and promoting your favorite books smash the button bellow! We are excited to hear from you and would love to work with you to take this community to new and exciting place.

Want to learn more? Check out the sign up page for more info.

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