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Our Contributors

None of this would be possible without our contributors, supporters, and managing partners. Together this amazing team of authors, editors, app developers, investors and fans keep this project running. In some way, each of them help keep this ship afloat. Without them, we would surely sink.

If you want to get involved please check out our list of openings and ways to help. Authors can write articles, donate loss leaders, or become guest bloggers. Developers, who know and html, can join the dev team and help build out the app. In exchange we offer valuable promotional space in our rapidly growing newsletter, on our website, and in the LitRPG Legends app itself.


If you don't have time, but would like to help financially, we ado have a patreon and will soon have promotional space for sale. We also ask that you consider supporting our contributors and partners in any way you can.


litrpg - gamelit author Damien

Damien Hanson

Blogging & Articles

Author of Glitchworld

litrpg author jamey sultan.jpg

Jamey Sultan

Bloggs & Articles

Author of Defying Divinity.

Managing Partners



Owner - Author

Author of Altered Realms

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