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LitRPG Review | Adam Boozers thoughts on Super Gene

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

With so much good LitRPG a lot of readers need a little help finding the best book for them. Enter LitRPG Guild Reviews.

From time to time we offer up our blog, website, and other channels for people to write reviews about books they love, or hate. After all, our goal is to help spread the word about LitRPG. So lets get started with a review by Adam Boozer, where he shares his thoughts on Super Gene.


I started reading Super Gene because everyone kept recommending it. I have to admit to a few caveats about it though. Over two thousand chapters is a bit intimidating even for me, but if the first chapter is anything to go on then I imagine they’re all pretty short actually. Eight to eleven minute reads according to firefox reader mode. That’s roughly 1,500 words I think.

Pictured: What books used to look like

The setting is a bit forced. They create dimensional teleportation, as in shifting from one reality to another, then these brilliant theoretical physicist, engineers, and computer science experts either didn’t use probes or said fuck it, and then proceeded to send people anyway when the probe didn’t work? Not very likely. Human trials is a big deal in science and… Would you get scrambled when the probe doesn’t return any telemetry? Lol, thought so.

Fuck you probe. Looks safe to me!

That said the idea is pretty interesting and something I think is the only real way that real cultivation could work in reality. Basically like prototype if anyone is familiar with that old game. Genetic engineering! Sort of… You are what you eat in this crazy place. Bit lazy making souls real though. ‘Soul’ is really just what people say to mean personality, agency, and sentience. All of which boil down to memory engrams in your brain. Now you could do some really cool stuff with that and I mean… Wake of The Ravager saw to it that people invented souls using Warp. Eh. It’s just more interesting to me if they get into the nitty gritty details of souls, rather than use them as a crutch. I’m not against their use altogether. Pillars of Eternity did a great job with their Animancers doing some whacky adra and copper soul magic science stuff.

Pillars of Eternity

Haven’t gotten to the fighting choreography yet because he’s just killing beetles. Probably will comment to vent later or if I end up not liking it you won’t see me post about it at all. Lol.

End rant/ vent

Thank you for reading!

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