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Is Cradle LitRPG? | Cradle: Bloodline (book 9)

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

By, Jamey Sultan

LitRPG Legends Contributor

Author of Defying Divinity


Lets talk about Cradle.

The series by Will Wight is probably the most well-known indie book series out there and one of my personal favorites. That being said - Is it LitRPG?

What is LitRPG? The definition of a LitRPG Book is Vague.

It usually falls under "I'll know it when I see it." In general though, it requires a set progression and rules similar to those of a Role Playing Game.

The Cradle series has the first in spades. It has a set progression and milestones needed to power up. But that alone isn't enough to make it a LitRPG book. Instead, I would classify the Cradle series as GameLit, which is a much broader category than LitRPG. To be a GameLit novel, all a book needs is to have a progression cycle. All LitRPG, Cultivation, and other progression novels fall under the broad umbrella of GameLit.

Anyways, my point is - if you haven't read Cradle yet, read it. Read it now. It's a great book and well worth the time investment.

Check it out here: Bloodline

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