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Featured Author | Angel Ramon (Harem LitRPG)

***Content Warning: Books by Angel Ramon contain sexual material***

Angel Ramon is a LitRPG author who resides in Puerto Rico. He has written many books in the zombie gamelit genre. When he’s not writing books, he loves to play video games. His favorite games include Age of Empires, Caesar 3, Rise of Nations, Rome: Total War, and his favorite of all time, Resident Evil. The Resident Evil series was the inspiration for his zombie gamelit series. However, what he really wanted to write was a LitRPG with a Real-Time Strategy game feel. His many games of Age of Empires and Caesar 3 made him come up with his ‘passion project’ where he wanted to combine the two games with the world of LitRPG. Not to mention, he’s a huge Roman history buff. He enjoys everything Ancient Rome to the point where he wished that he was in Rome. Also when he’s not writing, he loves heading to the beach and going on long trips to the rainforest on the island of Puerto Rico.

He decided to write LitRPG because he always enjoyed video games and always found the story in video games to be fascinating, maybe even more than the game itself. He first found the LitRPG genre back in 2017 and read some books in the genre. Falling in love with the genre, he began his zombie series where he wanted to combine his love of the Resident Evil series with LitRPG.

Right now, he’s working on his epic Roman Era Real LitRPG. He will have book 1 out on October 16th, 2020. The title is, The Great Centurion: Punic Wars. He is currently working on book 2 of the series and hopes to have that book done Late November to Early December.

You can follow him on the following links:

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Angel Ramon: GameLit Horror Author

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If you want to hang out with a bunch of LitRPG author and fans, check out the LitRPG Adventurers Guild. Find us on Facebook, Discord, or the Facebook Group.

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