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Featured Author | Damien Hanson (Glitchworld)

Hey everybody I’m Damien Hanson and, to be honest, I’m writing this in one tab even as I work diligently to delete the crap that Nolan Locke keeps typing into our shared google doc. I don’t know what’s with that guy, but man does he suck.

Speaking of Nolan Locke, I should tell you a little bit about myself. I’m Damien, I grew up in the middle of forest and swamp in Northern Wisconsin, played tons of Dnd with my close group of nerdy hill-folk friends, and I barely knew what an elevator was until I joined the military. That might be why I am absolutely fascinated with the world of the future, and especially with computing, nanotechnology, virtual reality, augmented reality and AI. You can see this with our Glitchworld series – it is all of those things but the sort of rustic mud-flinging dumb and dirty humor that you’d expect from an old pig-hand like myself. It combines all of that into a game park inspired by Westworld and run by Blades in the Dark. I expect any veterans of that particular game will easily and quickly understand the stakes that all of our heroes and villains face when they let the die rolls do the talking.

You might notice I said heroes and villains. What we have planned with Glitchworld is something a bit different. It is set up like a pyramid, and all of these “Glitchworld Original” novels are actual the origin stories of the heroes and villains of the epic. We have four Originals, five if you include our mostly free Glitchworld Zero novella (totally free on Royal Road), that are all happening at the same time in different parts of the park. Then the heroes and villains of those novels are going to meet, greet, and beat each other bloody in the following six, with tier 2 being three novels happening simultaneously, then tier 3, with two, and a penultimate finale at the very top as its capstone.

We’re releasing roughly every two months and having a hell of a time keeping up the pace, so if you happen to enjoy one of our novels, be sure to leave a review. And a growing number of us LitRPGers are writing articles in our spare time, so if you get bored why don’t you come check some of them out at my website.


If you want to hang out with a bunch of LitRPG author and fans, check out the LitRPG Adventurers Guild. Find us on Facebook, Discord, or the Facebook Group.

To keep this project alive, please consider reading one of these amazing books.

Altered Realms: Ascension by B.F. Rockriver

Brightblade by Jez Cajiao

Ethria: The Pioneer by Aaron Holloway

Grim Beginnings: The Ashen Plane by Maxwell Farmer

Primeverse by R.K. Billiau

Shattered Sword by TJ Reynolds

Tower of Gates: Hack by Paul Bellow

Cipher’s Quest by Tim Kaiver

Watcher's Test by Sean Oswald

Star Divers by Stephen Landry

Hive Knight by Grayson Sinclair

Fragment of Divinity by Jamey Sultan

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