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A LiTRPG Create Your Own Adventure? | Lone Wolf – The Last of the Kai

Updated: May 27, 2021

If you saw that cover, and then saw this title and quivered a little inside, you are here for all of the right reasons. This is a celebration of Lone World, the 1984 GameLit that kicked off a series that would go on to last fourteen years and see the publication of 28 books. And if you are a fan of modern GameLit or LitRPG, you might not understand how behind the times those books are to the artful and masterful tact of Joe Dever and Gary Chalk in their creation of these books. You see, these books weren’t just a story with a character whose world was overseen by game rules. These books were a game. You had a character sheet at the back of each one, and you played through quests and adventures, sometimes living, sometimes dying, but always having loads of fun.

The Inevitable Future of LitRPG . . . From 37 Years Ago

Things are gripping from the very start, when the very order you have come to call your family is massacred down to the last man – you, a young first level Kai. From there you run the gambit from survival to questing to even restoring the lost arts of your order. In many ways it is reflective of what the eventual 9 movie series of Star Wars ending up being. But, again, ahead of its time.

Holy Crap Dude – Look Out Behind You!!!

The truth is, if it wasn’t for the very prohibitive cost of these collectors items, I would already own them. And also Heroquest. I would own the crap out of HeroQuest.

Pictured - Great but not $450+ great

Luckily as a reader recently informed me, Lone Wolf is now available on your smartphone as an app! Pick it up at Google Play

Somewhere inside me an 8 year old memory just squealed in delight. Written by Damien Hanson

Bored? Want some free books? Check out this link! Thank you for reading!


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