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LitRPG For Kids | Introducing Fairy Knights!

Updated: Apr 15, 2021


Once upon a time there was an enchanted forest called Strawberry Woods. And what a place Strawberry Woods was! It wasn’t just full of strawberry bushes. It was full of raspberries, blackberries, apples and even blueberries. Better than that, it was full of fairies! And, best of all, it was full of me!!

Hi there. My name is Ching, last name Goo, and I am a fairy. Not a winged type fairy, though I can be if I want to be. Nah, I’m a sheepee.

What is a sheepee, you ask? Well we are the fairies who go to Sheepee Elementary School. We learn how to use our fairy magic to shape-change and transform. It isn’t super easy though. It takes energy and talent. But I love being a sheepee. Sheepee Elementary is way better than the other schools.

We are a lot more fun than the broonies, too. All day every day every Broonie Elementary student takes classes on how to look like little humans, live with you guys and help out with the cleaning, the cooking, and all of that boring human stuff that you do. And, well, the boogies don’t even have a real school. They just have a hole in the ground where they exercise. They are big strong meatheads who play lots of sports and ride around on animals. That might sound cool, but being the biggest and toughest of the small fairy folk isn’t anything to brag about.

I, on the other hand, have plenty to brag about. I’m a channeler so I have powers. Not stuff that I really understand yet but they are cool to have. With a twitch of my ears and a bit of purple magic people think I am famous. And the more magic I put into it the more famous they think I am. I can be super strong when I need to be. Plus I’m lucky. And best of all, I have the strongest hamster in the world by my side, my best friend Rick. He’s got a six pack and huge muscles, so don’t mess with Rick.

This story here, well, it’s the first of so many of my adventures through the world. It is one I’d love to tell you if you want to hear it.

You do want to hear about it, don’t you?

You see, there is this totally different world right here under your nose. One that you don’t really know about. You got some of it right in your books and movies, but most of it is just really really really wrong.

And I’m here to make it right. To tell you how it all really is. And how us fairies are doing our part to protect Earth.

Read all about Fairy Knights or join the new KidsLitRPG page to see the newest clean LitRPG and GameLit for younger readers.

Thank you for reading!

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