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LitRPG Re-Release: Overdrive

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Overdrive: The Heaven's Boxer

Who wouldn't want to pilot giant robots for a living?

The Overdrive Corporation has announced another Selection, the exclusive tryout process for aspiring Fortress Masters. Designing maps for the Mech battling virtual reality RPG is Julian's dream come true, but a brutal defeat against superstar sniper called Dynamic has destroyed his confidence.

Hoping to find a stronger machine, Julian enters an immensely challenging map that promises ultra-rare Mech frames.

During the ill-fated mission, he finally learns what it takes to get better. It's not the strength of the machine that matters most, it's the skill of the pilot.

Julian rebuilds his gameplay from the ground up, seeking out the strongest opponents and the most challenging dungeons. He explores the countless aspects of Overdrive that he's inadvertently ignored.

Waiting for him is a rematch with the sniper he's never beaten, with a spot in the Selection on the line.

The first novel in the Overdrive series by Esports industry veteran R.H. Tang, The Heaven's Boxer will delight fans of LitRPG, sports stories, and mecha anime.

Ryan on why he re-released Overdrive: The Heaven's Boxer

The most important factor for me in the re-release was gaining access to audiobook production. There's no worse feeling than someone asking about audio and you as an author having to respond that it's not available yet! I definitely want everyone who wants to read my book to read it and audiobooks rule. Great thing to listen to when on a run or doing errands or working, plus I think there's plenty of times when I find them easier to consume than reading even when I'm relaxing! The second key reason was just access to a community of authors and the experience Aethon has when it comes to releasing books. I've been working at this for a bit but I'm definitely just drifting in the wind in terms of figuring out how to market my book or get it in front of an audience! This is a great opportunity for me to learn and share a novel that I'm confident in, the people who have seen the book have enjoyed it fortunately.

About the Author

The Overdrive series draws from a few sources including my experience in the esports industry, my current job as a high school sports coach, and my longtime love for sports stories. A lot of the story is certainly dramatized (or at times exagerated for comedic effect) but I think the Overdrive series provides a lot of information on the esports industry. Of course, I don't know everything about being a player as my perspective is as a journalist and analyst, but I think there's a lot for esports fans to enjoy. Other friends of mine who've worked in the esports industry have also enjoyed the books as a fun read with some insider insight! As for the sports side, I really love the idea of someone you know acclimating to different roles in a team, gaining confidence, learning more about the game, and finding ways to improve. There's a big progression aspect to the Overdrive series in terms of my main characters farming maps and upgrading their machines, but more importantly, there's a big self-improvement aspect. Julian is already a pretty good player, but he needs to build confidence and figure out the best way to work with others. In the process of becoming a better Overdrive player, he also becomes a more purposeful person. I think these are lessons that a lot of athletes take from sports and it's certainly something I try my best to teach my students too. Hopefully I'm able to capture that magical feeling in my writing as well

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