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New AI RPG Generator Workshop!

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Paul Bellow, one of the Guildmasters, has been hard at work developing an Artificial Intelligence tool that generates Items, Monsters, even Dungeons! It's awesome.

Check it out here!

How it works: You subscribe and get a certain amount of credits per month, which you can use to generate some awesome items. You can then use those items in your writing or DnD campaign for awesome results.

Below are examples of how I am using the generator to work on book two of my Defying Divinity series. There will be spoilers for Fragment of Divinity and for whatever I decide to call book two. Possibly Garden of the Lost. Idk.



Example 1:

I needed an item that would cause an explosion, so I generated a common scroll with fire damage.

I then took parts from the scroll and used them to create an item that suited what I needed.


Example 2:

I needed a legendary dagger for an Assassin character, so I generated this:

Now the item wasn't exactly what I needed, but the description was perfect for me to generate what I wanted!


All of these items were created with a single generation: I didn't need to generate a hundred items just to get one that fit, each time I was able to get what I was looking for on the first try. That's the difference in quality output from an AI versus a random generator.

So, even though the tool doesn't generate exactly what you may need, it does give you a little push in the right direction. I will keep my subscription and I think it's going to improve my writing drastically!

Enter the Workshop

To see more cool stuff, check out Paul Bellow's Youtube channel


If you want to hang out with a bunch of LitRPG author and fans, check out the LitRPG Adventurers Guild. Find us on Facebook, Discord, or the Facebook Group.

Check out the RPG Workshop, an AI fantasy generator created by the amazing Paul Bellow!

To keep this project alive, please consider reading one of these amazing books.

Altered Realms: Ascension by B.F. Rockriver

Brightblade by Jez Cajiao

Ethria: The Pioneer by Aaron Holloway

Grim Beginnings: The Ashen Plane by Maxwell Farmer

Primeverse by R.K. Billiau

Shattered Sword by TJ Reynolds

Tower of Gates: Hack by Paul Bellow

Cipher’s Quest by Tim Kaiver

Watcher's Test by Sean Oswald

Star Divers by Stephen Landry

Hive Knight by Grayson Sinclair

Fragment of Divinity by Jamey Sultan

Condition Evolution by Kevin Sinclair

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