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New Gamelit Release | Crimson Sands: Sosaku Online by J. Arthur Klein

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Note: I'm pretty excited about this one. An Egyptian themed LitRPG is something I haven't seen yet, so that's pretty cool.

- Jamey

Crimson Sands

New Gamelit LitRPG | Crimson Sands by J Arthur Klein

If you want a sweet Full Immersion VRMMORPG slice of life adventure with monsters getting stabbed and burned to a crisp with magic and mayhem, then this is for you.

Join James, our intrepid adventurer, streamer, and bug hunter as he jumps head first into the first true immersion VRMMORPG game and explores the various features that the dev's have kept under lock and key.

No previews? No class or race info before launch? What could possibly go wrong? Especially starting in the empire inspired by ancient Egypt.

What are you waiting for? Check out Crimson Sands on the Kindle store!


New Gamelit LitRPG | LitRPG Guild

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