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New Gamelit Release | Dustfall: The Calforn Files by Frank Albelo and Frank Kirby

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Dustfall, by Frank Aleblo

New Gamelit LitRPG | Dustfall by Frank E Kirby and Frank G Albelo

Sudden Mutations.

Survival of the Fittest.

Allies for Life.

When a sudden wave of mutations brings the world crashing down, Greev just focused on his next meal. And the next. And the next. While fighting to ensure his survival amidst the ruins of Roddenberry Dome, the fledgling mutant becomes entangled in its growing web of conflict.

Factions fight and negotiate to carve the remains of the domed city up. Without means or support, he gathers a crew of refugees to make a home. Leading humans and mutants alike, the former paper pusher uses every means at his disposal to defend his people, or die trying.

What will life be like when the dust settles?

Follow Greev and his crew in this Gamelit Adventure filled with mutants, food, and one adorable shark.

About the author

Frank Kirby is an electrical engineer by trade, veteran marine, gamer, and nerd of all things. LitRPG reminds him of reading old D&D novels, but with the game inside of them.

Why did you start writing?

I started writing because it's something I always wanted to do, I was unemployed from covid, and Frank Albelo approached me asking if I'd like to write.

How is your LitRPG unique?

I'd say that my story is unique in that it jumps right in. No preamble or getting to know the world. You're just dropped into the world with no sense of direction and get to figure it out along with the character. Oh, and there's a mutant shark-squid-crab creature that is the most lovable thing.

What's in your future?

My plans are to see how it does. I have a project I started last year that I'd really like to write the first book for and see how that goes as well.

What are you waiting for? Check out Dustfall on the Kindle store!


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