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New Gamelit Release | Rebel (Last Chance Book 2) by K.T Hanna

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

About the series:

Gamelit dark contemporary science fiction story set in the near future. they touch on death, torture, the afterlife, and the lengths people can be pushed too.


Death doesn't always kill you...

New LitRPG Gamelit Book | Rise by KT Hanna

but second chances don't come free.

Death is inevitable... Unless the Second Chance (SC) program recruits your particular super power. One last chance at life, in exchange for unquestioning completion of tasks set by the system that brought you back.

At first, Dare's assignments seem trivial, inconsequential even. But as the missions progress, they produce more questions and no answers. Unexpected assailants, inexplicable tasks, and too many people Dare knows already in the system. Dare's never believed in coincidences.

SC's motives are unclear. Questions aren't tolerated. Punishment is meted out arbitrarily. And SC can terminate the contract, and all participants lives with it, at any point in time.

Dare's only chance is to figure out how to fight back without being deleted in the process.


New LitRPG | Gamelit Books | Rebel by KT Hanna

Death isn't always permanent and second chances don't come free

The system gives Dare no answers, only orders. The other eels are equally as unforthcoming, and Dare must resort to dangerous methods to uncover hidden information, taking chances that risk death if the system in their head disapproves.

By poking at the holes in the Second Chance (SC) system, Dare discovers just how blurry its morality truly is. For anyone to escape, it’ll take working together.

But not everyone wants to be freed, and SC has worked too hard, too long, to give any of them up.

About the author

K.T. Hanna was born in Australia, met her husband in an MMORPG (EQ2), moved to the U.S.A. and went into culture shock. Bonus? Fewer creatures specifically designed to kill you.

K.T. creates science-fiction, fantasy, and Gamelit/LitRPG often with a dash of horror for fun! Her catalogue includes a distant future post apocalyptic trilogy: The Domino project. Somnia Online, a VR LitRPG series that concludes with the upcoming 7th book in November 2020. Last Chance is her current in progress gamelit series set in the close future on current earth. Darling is a standalone creepy fairy-tale spin, and there’s even a collection of short story weirdness.

When not driving herself batty with too many story ideas, KT plays computer games, chases her daughter, hugs her husband, dogs, and cat cat, and eats yummy food.

No, she doesn’t sleep. She is entirely powered by caffeine, Chipotle, and sarcasm.

What are you waiting for? Check out Rebel on the Kindle store!


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