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New Guildmaster LitRPG | Condition Evolution by Kevin Sinclair

Condition Evolution, by Kevin Sinclair, one of the Guildmasters, is out!

New LitRPG | Fragments of Divinity by Jamey Sultan

It is available on Amazon for sale or on Kindle Unlimited.

Does life suck? Need a helping hand?

Shaun, a down on his luck couch-potato, sure does.

Early research has shown, being thrown into a fantasy world full of mythical creatures, where your very survival is a struggle, will give you a fresh perspective on life.

Just what Shaun needs right now.

Though fighting trolls and obesity, while unrequited loves burns deep, is a lot harder than it looks! 

Unfortunately, it also comes with a side order of apocalypse.

If Shaun can survive long enough, he'll not only turn his life around, he just might become a real world legend!

Can he really afford not to go all-in?

Read it on Amazon. Free with a subscription to Kindle Unlimited!


If you want to hang out with a bunch of LitRPG author and fans, check out the LitRPG Adventurers Guild. Find us on Facebook, Discord, or the Facebook Group.

To keep this project alive, please consider reading one of these amazing books.

Altered Realms: Ascension by B.F. Rockriver

Brightblade by Jez Cajiao

Ethria: The Pioneer by Aaron Holloway

Grim Beginnings: The Ashen Plane by Maxwell Farmer

Primeverse by R.K. Billiau

Shattered Sword by TJ Reynolds

Tower of Gates: Hack by Paul Bellow

Cipher’s Quest by Tim Kaiver

Watcher's Test by Sean Oswald

Star Divers by Stephen Landry

Hive Knight by Grayson Sinclair

Fragment of Divinity by Jamey Sultan

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