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New Guildmaster LitRPG | Core Sworn, the Guild Core Book 2 by TJ. Reynolds

Check out the exciting sequel dungeon core novel by Guildmaster TJ Reynolds!

Find a Dungeon.

Build Defenses.

Fight the Monster that Comes...

Kai is finally becoming the hero he's always dreamed of. As the enemy pursues, he's forced to accept his complicated identity and the power that comes with his blood.

Rhona can endure a blow to her pride. But when that blow comes from the vile Hastings, she has to strive to match his savagery and save her friends.

Ban discovers the ultimate prize for an Earth Core. Secrets, magic, and an incredible housewarming gift can be attained in an ancient keep once home to his ancestors. But can he defend the territory he's taken?

Read The Guild Core's second installment, where our band of heroes endures to restore the world to an age of dragons, heroes, and honor.

The Guild Core is a novel by TJ Reynolds Fantasy LitRPG author of Eternal Online books 1-3. The Guild Core was inspired by the Divine Dungeon series, the Wheel of Time, and classic films like The Labyrinth and The Neverending Story.

This story takes place in an Epic Fantasy world governed by gaming mechanics. It contains light to moderate LitRPG, Gamelit, Cultivation and Dungeon Core elements. Features realistic violence, 3 MC POVs, and more than a few quaint jokes. Language and adult content is appropriate for teen readers.

Available on Amazon!

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