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New Guildmaster LitRPG/Cultivation | Dragon Bourne: The Guild Core Book 1 by TJ Reynolds

The hero dreamed of ascending.

The monk craved redemption.

The dungeon only wished to keep things tidy.

Kobold holding a lute and playing magic

Kai was the least likely young man to ascend. Raised on his uncle’s potato farm, he began his career as an adventurer with empty pockets and little skill. But a foolish attempt to prove his bravery leads Kai to unlock hidden power within himself and acquire a most unlikely ally.

Rhona is a battle-scarred soldier who’s as likely to toss a quip as she is to throw a punch. After setting aside a promising career in the army to pursue the Path of the Bleeding Tiger, she sets out to stop a war and seek atonement for a bloody past.

When Bancroft the Earth Core awakens, he can’t wait to clean up his dungeon and begin building things anew. A recovered item from his past reminds him that more is at stake, however, putting an end to such pleasantries.

Join The Guild Core, a small band of friends determined to restore the world to an age of dragons, heroes, and honor.

The Guild Core is a novel by TJ Reynolds Fantasy LitRPG author of Eternal Online books 1-3. The Guild Core was inspired by the Divine Dungeon series, the Wheel of Time, and classic films like The Labyrinth and The Neverending Story.

This story takes place in an Epic Fantasy world governed by gaming mechanics. It contains light to moderate LitRPG, Gamelit, Cultivation and Dungeon Core elements. Features realistic violence, 3 MC POVs, and more than a few quaint jokes. Language and adult content is appropriate for teen readers.

Read it on Amazon. Free with a subscription to Kindle Unlimited!

A note from author TJ Reynolds

The inspiration of this story began with a single question: what adventures would unfold if an aspiring adventurer befriended a dungeon? From there, a hundred more question like it popped up, letting me know I'd struck rich soil. How would they bond? What motivations would drive them? Soon, I was building a world in which the two emerging characters could occupy believably, and the heart of a story was born. I hope you enjoy the delightful shenanigans of The Guild Core as much as I do.


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