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New LitRPG | Dungeons and Dillholes: A Glitchworld Original by Damien Hanson

Kobold holding a lute and playing magic

Prestige Gaming is the premier gaming corporation on the planet. Nanotech gaming, on site, in the New Mexican desert. Be anything you ever wanted to be - in real life. Mix and match genres, skills, Disintegration Induction Chain Katanas . . . the only limit is your imagination! And your level - you don't get everything handed to you right out the gate noob.

But within the great expanse of the miraculous park lies the dull and dark truth. Prisoners serve out short life sentences within these same beautiful grounds, grinded, chopped and imploded for the cheers of distant holovision viewers, or the golden ticker wielders of the on-site invisi-stands. Company rivals spy and scheme. Sabateurs plot. Addison Killborne burns her competition. And Van Burgundy tries to makes sense of himself, his secret, way too many dirty acronyms and his new programming job inside the BALLSAC.

When everything begins to collapse around them, can Addie and Van survive the on-site nanocalypse and gain freedom from heaven turned hell? Or will they find themselves Dicked, Ramrodded and even possibly Gruesome Garied all over the gritty hardpan of the New Mexican sand?

Glitchworld is a ten book series, eleven including the book zero novella, that features humor, action and chaos at a nantotech game park gone off the rails. The first four novels (and one novella) set the scene and also create the villains and characters who will feature prominently within the later latter novels. This particular one is the story of Van and Addie, two of the series heroes, and how they came to be. Get ready for lots of 18+ puns combined with a myriad of jokes and satire as the duo battle through dangerous mobs, other players, and a rogue AI gone Tyrant.

Read it on Amazon. Free with a subscription to Kindle Unlimited!


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