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New LitRPG Guildmaster Novella | Apocalypse Archer (Ciphercraft Origins book 1) by Tim Kaiver

Adventurer Guild newsletter subscribers will get this for free, just because we love you. But you can also buy it on Kindle, or wherever else ebooks are sold, for $1.99.

Note from the author:

Sometimes side characters stand out so much they demand an introduction. Viera Sea is an archer that you'll meet in book two when Cullen and Torek get stuck on a ghost train. There won't be any suplex action--I see you Sabin, only you could do that to a ghost train--but there will be plenty of post-apocalyptic archer action. This is a perfect sample size while also being a complete story, so if you haven't tried any Ciphercraft LitRPG goodness, jump on in, the water is nice. After that, check out Cipher's Quest, a Sci-fi Fantasy LitRPG (Ciphercraft Book 1), and stay tuned for the upcoming release of Book 2, Windwalker.

Book description:

Surviving the apocalypse with only a bow and backpack sounds like fun to Viera. Until someone tries to kill her. She only wanted a weekend alone with her bow, but an explosion over the city sent a cloud of energy into the mountain campground. Now she's stranded and has a strange message that assigns her the class of Level 1 Archer, and tells her to align with light or darkness. Choosing either will leave her with enemies who will stop at nothing to take everything from her: her weapons, her gear, her life. Will she find an ally and follow the game's instructions, or die in the first few minutes of the apocalypse? Apocalypse Archer is a novelette entry into Tim Kaiver's Ciphercraft series of Science-Fantasy LitRPGs written for RealRPG fans of Tao Wong, Blaise Corvin and Dave Willmarth. LitRPG elements include leveling up, healing and survivalist strategies, gameworld PvE, and quest adventures to discover the realm behind reality and the monsters that come through to present day. No harem or foul language, but has moments of extreme violence. Apocalypse Archer can be read as a standalone, but the events within take place between Books 1 and 2 of the Ciphercraft series.

Check out Apocalypse Archer on the Kindle store!


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