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New LitRPG Guildmaster Release | Omens (The Ashen Plane book 2) by Maxwell Farmer

The sequel to Grim Beginnings is out! Check out Omens on the Kindle store! Free with Kindle Unlimited.

Blurb for Grim Beginnings:

John is an avid gamer by night, a janitor by day, but when he becomes so good at the latest virtual reality fantasy game, his opponents have to kill him! His life takes a definite, and permanent different direction.

A undead creature, a lord in a realm of darkness, gives him a second chance at life. It has one condition…he must free his new master, and accept his new reality as a powerful necromancer, finding his way in a new world.

Join John as he takes on a new persona, Grim, as he finds his way, making friends with a mutated orc and battling an army of gnolls in his fight to free his dark patron; the first in Grim’s adventures in the Ashen Plane LitRPG Series by Maxwell Farmer!

Blurb for Omens:

New LitRPG | Fragments of Divinity by Jamey Sultan

After accepting the fact that his world will never be the same again, Grim pushes forward, working hard to have a new and better life on the Ashen Plane.

He just has to survive long enough to achieve that goal.

His quest to free his undead patron has led him to need to rebuild a village for his newly adopted people. The best way to do that? Go adventuring, recruit new followers, and kick a lot of ass. 

If only things were that easy...

Grim must travel away from his new home on a quest to strengthen his village and discover that even greater monsters can be found in the more civilized parts of this world. On his journey he will gain both allies and enemies as well as gain a painful understanding of the deal he took in order to live his new life.

Will Grim survive? Will he be able overcome the powerful foes amassing before him? And who is Zordell exactly? Why is he imprisoned? 

Omens is Maxwell Farmer's second book in the Ashen Plane LitRPG Series. Read for fantasy action, fighting with both swords and spells, town building, vicious monsters, and dungeon diving.

Go and purchase this exciting second installment of the LitRPG Series, The Ashen Plane, to find out today!

A few words from the author:

Jamey: Tell me why you write LitRPG?

Max: As to why I write LitRPG, it's so fun! The chance to create a new world that people can invest in, relate to, and cheer on is awesome. I've been able to connect with people have had great adventures through my novels. I write to bring joy, hope, fun, and an escape to many people. Come join me on these adventures!

Check out Omens on the Kindle store! Free with Kindle Unlimited.


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