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New LitRPG Guildmaster Release | Watchers Fate (Life in Exile book 3) by Sean Oswald

The third book in the Life in Exile series! Check out Watchers Test if you haven't read the first book!

Blurb for Watchers Test (Book 1):

This isn't a game. This is his new life.

Dave has been wandering through life for a long time. His day job bores him and he never seems to be able to meet his family's expectations. The only escape he's ever had is his love of MMORPGs. 

But when he becomes the subject of a test without even knowing it, he's portaled into a game-world called Eloria with no way out. It's a frequent daydream of his, however, in none of those dreams did his wife and daughter ever accompany him. 

Now, Dave must balance protecting his family with exploring his dream... oh, and trying to stay alive. Monstrous beasts roam Eloria, worst of all, an undead army led by the vile Death Knight.

He'll have to adapt fast and learn to cooperate if he hopes to make a new home for his family. And just maybe, along the way, he'll find out why they're living a life in exile.

Experience the epic first installment of a LitRPG saga perfect for fans of C.M Carney, Blaise Corvin, and Charles Dean.

Also available on Audible, narrated by Peter Berkrot (Alpha World, Earth Force).

Blurb for Watchers Fate (Book 3):

The Nelson's have grown in just about every way since being exiled to Eloria.

Now they will face their biggest challenge yet. For all that they thought they had begun to understand what faced them, it has now become apparent that there are larger forces at work and more powerful enemies behind the scenes.

The monstrous dark mage Seimion seems almost unstoppable with a host of fiends at his command and behind him is the mysterious Master.

If they are to save not only their home but the very kingdom of Albia from utter chaos, all of the Nelson's will be required. For the first time the two youngest, Jackson and Sara will be called upon to play vital roles.

Join the Nelsons in their Life in Exile in this exciting third installment of this Amazon Bestselling LitRPG Series. Grab your Copy Today!

A few words from Sean Oswald:

I first said I was gonna write a novel when I was 17. Loved fantasy and sci-fi and wanted to create my own worlds. It wasn’t till almost 30 years later that I found litrpg and knew I was home. It was the perfect blending of my DM mind and writing to be able to tell stories the way I wanted to.

Check out Watchers Fate on the Kindle store! Free with Kindle Unlimited.


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