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New LitRPG Release | The Great Centurion: Punic Wars by Angelus Maximius

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Content warning: Sexual content. Like ...a lot.

New LitRPG Gamelit Harem book | The Great Centurion by Angelus Maximus

A LitRPG set on the Dawn of the Second Punic War.

Legions and Elephants are only the beginning!

In the classical age of the Roman Republic, Victor Maximus a young roman is

determined to be the next legendary soldier. Through determination and grit, he has

impressed his superiors and becomes a great Roman general.

Victor finds himself in the middle of the Second Punic War between Roma (Rome) and

Carthage, a period where the elephant riders have become hostile and threaten to

break the peace treaty from the First Punic War. He'll have to quickly hone his skills as

a general, gain experience, and improve his abilities.

Victor will have to use the spoils of war to improve his arms and armor, construct forts,

manage settlements, and lead his armies to victory while having to tread the borders of

the Roman Republic. If he doesn't succeed, he and his people may find themselves

under the foot of a Carthaginian Elephant. Leading armies on land and epic naval

battles, Victor will have to juggle everything along with his desire to make some fine

female friends. That is despite the lovely women being in enemy lands and having to

break the code of ethics set in Rome, by the Senate.

Prepare yourself for a story of the rough life of a Roman general as he becomes,

The Great Centurion! This is a LitRPG set in the real world. As Victor will learn,

not every battle is winnable, and being a general isn't always glorious! There is a

moderate to high amount of sexual references. This book is set in real life and

the consequences are all too real.

Price: $3.99, on Kindle Unlimited

A note from the author

Angelus Maximus has always been a big lover of Ancient Roman History since he was

in grade school. Since he couldn’t afford a time machine to go back to Roman times,

he decided to write his own book mixing in his love of the LitRPG universe. Angelus

realized that there was a lack of historical based LitRPG novels set in the actual time

period. He was also inspired to write a ‘Real’ LitRPG. While he enjoys portal and VR

fiction, he felt that a LitRPG set in the real world would be an interesting premise.

Besides being in love with the weapons, culture, and overall military aspects of Ancient

Rome, Angelus is also a huge RTS gamer. His favorite RTS game is the Microsoft

classic, Age of Empires. However, he’s a huge city builder gamer as well. Caesar 3,

Pharaoh, and Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom are some of his favorite games.

Considering those are his favorite games, Angelus wanted to mix elements from those

games while fleshing out an awesome story about a humble Roman who grows into an

unlikely hero. Angelus has always been an underdog in everything he’s done. So he

figured that he would write the ultimate underdog who starts off as a humble pleb in

Roman culture with an uncertain future. He wanted to write a story that would entertain but also encourage those who feel like underdogs that anything is possible, even becoming a general of a powerful empire.

Angelus is a huge fan of town building LitRPG but he wanted to do his own twist in the

town building sub-genre. As a big fan of the Caesar 3 game, he implemented a

streamlined version of the trade system where the MC has to has his workers gather

resources to trade to fellow allied cities to gain money that he can use to build different

items such as towers, walls, military buildings, and in later books, buildings that

provide upgrades to his troops. Really, he just wanted to display his love for historical

fiction, which is a genre he enjoys when he’s not reading LitRPG/GameLit. In later

books the ‘Tech Tree’ will grow to include armor, troop, and defense upgrades similar

to what you would see in the Age of Empires series.

This has always been his passion project that I started in 2017 before Hurricane Maris

hit his island of Puerto Rico where he currently resides. To him, Puerto Rico reminds

him of Sicilia (Sicily) that used to be part of the mighty Roman Empire. Ignore his

dumb comment, that’s just him letting his mind take him over, hehe. Besides City

Building game, Angelus also loves RPG games but he loves those with pure melee

over those with magic. The final point he wants to make is that he wanted to write a

LitRPG book with an emphasis on history. However, in later books he will add in a little

bit of alternative history such as the Roman Empire marching into India and Persia.

Angelus is so happy that he finally got the first book of his passion project done and

can’t wait to share it with the world. He hopes that you enjoy his book and he will be

busy scribing the next book in The Great Centurion series. This is a planned series

from the Punic Wars until the Fall of Rome.

Here's what reviewers are saying:

★★★★★ Roman litrpg awesome

Was a beta reader for this book absolutely loved might have to read it two or three more times

★★★★★ Awesome read

This book is simply great! I love military fiction and this book did not disappoint. Lots of page turning action,I just could not put it down. Looking forward to the next one!

★★★★★ Action Packed from Start to Finish

I love movies and stories about the glory of ancient Rome, and this book did not disappoint me. It was a great ride following General Maximus through his conquests of the Carthagenians, Iberians, Greeks, and a female or two along the way. The fighting is brutal and compelling. I look forward with great anticipation to the resumption of the Punic

★★★★★ Excellent first in series!

Loved this book, it draws you in and keeps you wanting to see what will happen.

What are you waiting for? Check out The Great Centurion on the Kindle store!


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