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New LitRPG | Traitor of Golden Blaze: Everscape Online Book 1 by Dylan Keefer

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Kobold holding a lute and playing magic

Celina has long adventured in the mystical world of Everscape to balance the dreariness of her everyday life. When the Quest for the Heavenly Seal Staff begins, those she had thought to be friends, turn on her. Their guilds war against one another for the prize. She must use her wits and magic to overcome insurmountable odds. Deadly enemies both large and many, hold her hostage finding new allies is the only way she can reclaim her life both inside and outside of Everscape.

Traitor of Golden Blaze is the first book in the Everscape Online Trilogy, A Fantasy GameLit RPG Adventure series set in the world of Everscape Online a MMORPG.

Everscape Online Traitor of Golden Blaze - Book 1 of 3

Queen of Ragnarok - Book 2 of 3

Champion of Everscape - Book 3 of 3

Read it on Amazon. Free with a subscription to Kindle Unlimited!


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