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New LitRPG Webnovel | The Bright Lord by Alex Knowles

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

New LitRPG Webnovel | The Bright Lord by Alex Knowles

A home, a family. Lies and resentment. To save the future he must reclaim his past.

Enjoying his retirement. Ryan has everything. The perfect wife, a daughter he adores and all the time in the world. Yet, with dinner burning on the stove and his wife late home from work, two visitors appear bringing dire news and a quest he can't refuse.

Dragged back to a universe and a life Ryan did everything to escape, he must secretly hunt out survivors and friends all while training for the fight of his life.

Where brutality and pain were all Ryan ever knew, now he must inspire and heal. The collision of two worlds draws ever closer and if he can’t claim what was once his, all is lost. Check out this awesome new web-novel on Royal Road.

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New LitRPG Webnovel | Light Lordy

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