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New LitRPG | Windwalker by Guildmaster Tim Kaiver

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

New LitRPG | Wind Walker by LitRPG Guildmaster Tim Kaiver

This amazing new LitRPG is the Second in the Ciphercraft series by the LitRPG Guildmaster, Tim Kaiver.

THE RACE FOR RESURRECTION CITY BEGINS WITH AN EARTHQUAKE, A RARE CLASS, AND A PORTAL TO THE SPIRIT REALM. Book 1Cipher's Quest is on sale today only for 99 cents. Book 2Windwalker is now live on KU and Kindle. Paperbacks and audio are on the way. …and that's all I can include of the book description without a spoiler. Expect epic dragon fights, cross-portal adventures, a ghost train on the loose, and the quest for a lost city.

Types of classes in Windwalker: · Windwalker (think dragoon who uses a bow staff and wind to strike his enemies.) · Telepaths (higher stakes for this class to develop skills like Charm and Expel.) · Paladin (don't tell him, but this class gets the brunt of the damage—but it's fun, I promise!) · Beastmaster (you have to kill your animals before you can summon them… so good luck!) · Gamemaster (this guy is kind of a jerk, and way overpowered, so it's a good thing he is willing to play both sides, for now.) · Archers, time mages, Sabin-style monks, thieves, and more fighting goblins, hybrid monsters, black casters and jungle warriors, and a time mage driving a ghost train full of surprises. And it's all on the way to discovering the ancient rune and nearby lost city they'll need to prepare for the real war to come. Each class will develop more than one skill, and some have three to six by the end of this book. It's a crunchy Epic Fantasy LitRPG, where first the foothold must be secured, and from there the building of a nation to defend against the upcoming invasion.

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