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Underappreciated LitRPG | A Review of Kill Switch by Sean E. Britten

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Our Underappreciated LitRPG series is a look at under books that don't get enough love. With so many releases, some of the best books in the genre often get overlooked. This is our way of putting a spotlight on books that need more attention.

Introducing Kill Switch, by Sean E. Britten.

Let me start by saying this - I loved this book. You guarantee that you have not read it. The author doesn't even know of the genre and yet his whole book is in the game, with intrigue at its outskirts.

But let me be clear that this is not a crunchy book. There are not levels and abilities as you might be used to. In Kill Switch prisoners are shoved into a game arena ala Running Man and made to battle to survive. The book is Hunger Games mixed with Robocop - a comparison that you will absolutely understand once you read the start of each chapter.

The book starts with two figures locked in desperate battle. For a lot of books this would be when I put it down – so many authors struggle with making a good fight scene. But not here. There is real conversation and emotion to the scene, and you can taste the air as you experience it. It really does draw you into the story.

Want to not sleep tonight? Pick up this series and you won't sleep for three weeks.

I don’t want to give away spoilers so let me generalize by saying that each of the characters in the battle is well planned out and scripted. They are unique and interesting and their back stories are some of the best parts of the writing. You look forward to learning more about each and every one of them.

But the best part of it all is the commercials. At the start of most chapters we are introduced to the dystopic world via commercial breaks by the Slayerz TV Show. And they are brilliant. Hilarious and well-scripted. To be honest I would say that this book would make an awesome movie – it reminded me of the original Robocop. It has Paul Verhoeven’s sense of action interspersed with his feel for dystopic comedy. Read it. Like it. Then let’s all send it to Hollywood to see the best damn movie ever made!

Oh Robocop, how I miss thee.

It runs on a dirty mixture of coal dust and leaded gasoline.

Read Kill Switch Today. Thank you for reading!

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